If you have an Amazon Fire TV; you can now browse the web using Firefox on your TV. As Amazon and Mozilla declared today; Firefox, which links Amazon’s own Silk browser on the device; is now ready to meet all your browsing needs. So, brace yourself because FireFox arrives on Amazon Fire TV.

Firefox Arrives On Amazon Fire TV, Official Statement

“Bringing Firefox to Fire TV is an exciting new way to reach our users and serve up more of the full web to everyone;” said Mark Mayo, Sr. Vice President of Firefox; in today’s announcement. “Firefox has always been about bringing the web directly to people; no matter what device they’re using. Starting today, we will be able to expand the already great Fire TV experience by enabling viewers to surface a multitude of web content — including videos — through Firefox.”

While Amazon’s own press release claims about how its Silk browser has been optimized for browsing on the Fire TV and with the Fire TV remote control; the company doesn’t really deliver Mozilla’s browser the similar sort of billing in the announcement made today. As far as we can say; Mozilla has done considerably a bit of effort to desegregate its browser with the Fire TV remote and app, though. And finally, we heard the news of Firefox arrives on Amazon Fire TV.

Additionally, given that YouTube will plausibly go from Amazon devices when the next year starts; this means Amazon is baking something grand to ditch the most popular streaming service YouTube; all thanks to a dispute between Amazon and Google; it’s no wonder that Mozilla is dunning its browser as an accessible way to watch YouTube videos.

Unsurprisingly, Amazon did not mention about the YouTube’s departure in its announcement today; but for Mozilla, this is indeed a smart way of attaining a bunch of more users to install its browser. Therefore, the dispute between Google and Amazon results in the announcement of Firefox arrives on Amazon Fire TV; that will benefit Mozilla Firefox the most.

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