Foldable design is the future of smartphones, it’s the time to experience a change in smartphone’s design, and rumors are up in the air that none other than mobile market giant Samsung is working on it. There has been quite a while we have heard whispers about Foldable Samsung Galaxy X.

Since X has its value in mobile industry; it is not difficult to guess that this might be the special edition of Samsung Galaxy iteration with foldable design. But, is it just a pinch of salt or foldable Samsung Galaxy X is really coming? Let’s us dig out!

Samsung’s Long Endeavor:

However, it is worth mentioning that this approach of design is not something new for the South Korean mobile giant. Back in 2011, the company had already displayed off its prototype foldable mobile design.

The phone seemed stocky and awkward, but even back then it somewhat did well; persisting sound after 100,000 folds, with only a 6% reduction in brightness at the center; where all the bending thing occurred.

Though, it was not company’s commercial product; the company also launched a video back then, showing off Samsung’s ambition for foldable mobile tech.


Manufacturing Problems

Then, by 2012, the company was already hard at work in manufacturing foldable smartphones. But then a report hit the airwaves, divulging that issues with flexible screened devices halt the manufacture of foldable phones at least until 2013.

Round-Edged Display

Eventually, in 2013, the company’s concept of a bendy display has got the real-time debut. Though, it was still a way further from putting it into the commercial device; but the closest thing we saw in 2013 was the round-edged display. That was apparently way far from the actual concept.

Project Valley

Since then we didn’t hear much from the company about its foldable phone ambition until 2015; when a device with code name Project Valley leaked on the airwaves. But since now, we have not seen this to be a reality.

Samsung Galaxy X

Moreover, in 2016, we got to whisper the news that Project Valley has finally got the name of Samsung Galaxy X. And according to the reports, it is on its way to being unveiled in 2017. However, we are still skeptical to the release time but not the concept foldable Samsung Galaxy X.

More Evidence To Prove Foldable Samsung Galaxy X Is Real

Samsung’s fanciful flexible phone speculated to be called Samsung Galaxy X, may have lately pointed its first flash of action.

While incipiently anticipated to release right about now; the phone’s model number, SM-G888, has only lately issued in a filing from the Korean National Radio Research Agency (NRRA), according to LetsGoDigital.

When Can You Get Your Hands On?

Of course, it’s hard to say whether this model number refers to the foldable phone that we’ve contemplated on the past few years. But given the recent blow of activity; it’s not outside the domain of probabilities that the prototype-changed-final product(Foldable Samsung Galaxy X) could be on plan for its (hopefully early) 2018 landfall.



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