Not much long back when the car maker giant Ford has announced new features like Android Auto and CarPlay to append in all the new models of 2017. Now after that in less than a year, the company has again bumped the airwaves with the news of Ford 2016 Model Updates. The company has few similar updates for older models of 2016. These updates will be made available for about 800,000 Ford cars so that the car-owners will get to enjoy such an amazing features without the need of purchasing a new model.

The SYNC3 equipped 2016 Ford models are now enabled to download Android Auto and Apple CarPlay This downloading of Ford 2016 Model Updates can be successfully done by three ways. Use either of these to get your Ford updated with Android and Apple software. The updates can be implanted by downloading via Wifi or the internet, hitting the dealer’s spot with the car to get it updated there or by downloading it through USB Drive.

Apart from this, the company also took a big step of adding OTA updates, the company’s very first plunge into software and that is the reason that around four hundred smartphone software engineers have been hired by Ford.

One of Ford 2016 Model updates Apple CarPlay the users will be required to replace their USB hub with the upgraded one to get the ball rolling. But this will need your dealer to pay a visit, and it will cost you as well. On the other hand, to get the Android Out into effect, all it requires is a general software installation. However, the USB drive option for installation also seems pretty much speedier, but the download over internet option is the company’s very first choice of integrating OTA software to overcome security concerns and to give a touch of infotainment software.

No matter how much effort it requires to append these Ford 2016 Model Updates, car owners will likely to go extra miles for it. Be it bearing the dealer’s visit, getting hardware upgradations for Apple CarPlay or installing Android Out software; the owners will surely make every effort to get these necessary updates. After all, who does not like to get entertainment that follows your smartphones land right on your Ford’s software to double the fun plus takes care of the security issues if it is OTA?


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