It’s Giphy’s time to turn on monetization. The four years old GIFs search engine is planning to test sponsored GIFs and make money out of it. From a very close source to the company, we have got to know that Giphy will test these sponsored GIFs within the messaging services. This means that when you search GIFs for sending as a message, these sponsored GIFs will also be popped. However, it is not something new, we have seen Google doing the same when it shows the sponsored links on top of the search results. But, in Giffy’s case, the animations are searched not by a brand but by any particular emotion, situation or character. It may look like when you type in Chill; you get to see Netflix GIF on top.

How It Could Be?

It could be in the similar vein as the animation guru Snapchat monetized its face filters. People won’t feel bothered by the branded stuff because it would be sent by a friend; so people would definitely find it good to connect with.

The similar source also divulged that Giphy has now 200 million daily active users between both the API and website. And up to 250 million monthly users on the web and the company’s own integrations; showing that most of the Giphy users are actively interacting with the GIFs on a daily basis.

Giphy Didn’t Give Any Timeline:

But it remains unclear both from the source and the company’s official that exactly when the ads products are going to be launched. Giphy COO Adam Leibsohn did confirm that the company has shifted focus from growth to building ad products, without adding much detail on what those products might look like.

“With GIPHY Studios, we’ve been executing on creative partnerships for over a year,” said Leibsohn. “That work helps inform our thinking and exploration around what our ad products will look like.”

I also asked Leibsohn which brands would be the first to test out Giphy’s ad products.

“We already work closely with the world’s leading brands in content, entertainment, technology and advertising,” said Leibsohn. “When we’re ready to launch our ad products, it naturally follows that we’ll be working with our existing partners.”

Which Platform Will Giphy Choose?

Also, the company did not talk much about how it is going to test the sponsored GIFs; to which platform it will wade into for testing. That comes for sure; the huge third-party platform for Giphy like Facebook, iMessenger, Twitter and Slack are way too big for just the testing. But, what my foresight is seeing; the company would likely to choose Tinder to test the sponsored GIFs. It is that integration which could get a lot of play. In fact, the top most 25 GIFs of Giphy have been mostly used by the Tinder users.

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