“GM Super Cruise Heated Up the News of Its Arrival, Will It Be Helpful For GM To Throw Tesla Into the Shades?”

The long-hatched egg is ready to come out this fall; GM Super Cruise will soon vie with the Tesla Autopilot on the road. This is the first debut in the Cadillac CT6 with leading features of highway self-automated car. The GM Super Cruise has been underway the designing process for about few years. Now, this semi-automated car is ready to debut and electrify the roads this fall. Previously, we got to hear the release date of GM Super Cruise was postponed from the year 2016 to the year 2017 to extend the time for engineers so that they could engineer out something remarkable.

Features In Common With Tesla Autopilot

This Cadillac GM Super Cruise will enable the drivers to keep their hands off the steering and enjoy the self-driving mode of the car on the highways. This seems to be a bitter pill to swallow for Tesla, as GM Super Cruise will jockey its semi-autonomous Autopilot car very soon. This highly anticipated handsfree car will be featured with sensors, direction mapping, driver seat facing the camera, a steering-wheel-mounted light notification system, and audio alerts. These alerts will notify the driver to incase of any mishap. GM has also embedded a self-stop feature, in case the driver will not found to be responding.

It is worth noting that the features that have unveiled so far in Cadillac CT6 sedan are quite similar to what we have seen in Tesla Autopilot system. But what we have not seen in Tesla Autopilot, is the use of LiDAR data while Tesla abstained from using the powerful laser detection technology on its vehicle.

Tesla, Leading the Automakers Market

Interestingly, the autonomous car technology is on top of the trends, and the leading automakers are striving hard to be at least neck to neck in this competition of self-driving car technology. But Tesla is reported to be one step ahead than the GM. By at least one metric, Tesla’s company shares are reckoned to be a gold mine as compared to GM.

On Monday, the news of Tesla surpassing GM in market capitalization was all up in the air. Earlier this month we have heard Tesla transcending the Ford. As a result, it had fueled the hype of its upcoming Model 3 car. Now the news of Tesla overtaking both the automaker giants in the market capitalization, have made the company the most valuable car company of the US. This is no denying the fact that this year seems to be the year of Elon Musk!

The chart below by Mashable, shows the accelerating move as Tesla, whereas its competitors seem to be stable over the past years.

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