We live in the society of simulations, where we informally interact with the virtual world amid fakeness and doubtfulness around us. As compared to the middle age people, the people of this era get to see images and imitations more. But as media and internet technology are booming, it is also bringing obscure facts with doubtful credibilities. So in today’s world, it is not easy to find out the fact behind the news that seems exaggerated apparently. The amount of information on the internet is mind-boggling. You can search about almost anything anywhere using the leading search engines like Google. But who will take the responsibilities of their genuinity? This uncertainty makes us concerned about the massive amount of information on the internet but too little knowledge for the surfer nowadays. So in an effort to combat this doubtfulness, Google is now featuring Google Fact-Checking On Google Search to enhance the reliability of the search results.

The search engine behemoth Google has been working with some third-party fact-checking groups and including its links to their posts in the Google News Stories conglomeration. But before now it was for the limited region and the program itself was deemed to be on a small scale. Now the Google took an abrupt step in a bid to address the concerns over the doubtfulness of Google Search results and rolled out Google Fact-Checking Feature to Google Search Engine in partnership with some third-party groups.

The article on Google News will now be marked with fact-check label to get the ball rolling with this Google Fact-Checking Feature. In an attempt to nudge the web surfer with something more credible and based on facts Google and its moderation team worked with websites like PolitiFact and Snopes to get rid of fake news.

However, this update will not improve the search ranking of those fact-checked results on the list of Google search result; All the fact-checking websites will do is to notify the surfer whether or not this information is true.
Far apart from Facebook, Google will not keep it for the small groups of fact-checkers only. In fact it keeps its doors open for whoever will provide them rich information under some conditions.
On the contrary to this, It is worth noting that Google will not show the fact checking notifications from all the sites that claim to be a fact-checker. Instead, the websites have to append algorithmic codes to their web pages. “Only publishers that are algorithmically determined to be an authoritative source of information will qualify for inclusion,” these words are found in a company’s official post. Though they did not talk about how they are going to determine it.

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