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Google Drive cloud storage is nothing less than a boon for everyone. Its massive storage and cloud technology have eased the processing of backing up the data in real time with Google doc and sheet as a cherry on the top. Now, this Google Drive is expanding its territory and getting a significant change in the history of cloud storage. Believe it or not but Google Drive will be able to store all your computer data shortly.

In addition to only photos and videos, the cloud storage of Google will soon be able to stock the whole folder present on your system. You will only need to select which folder you want to backup of. All the files inside the chosen folder will be auto saved in the drive. It can be the desktop folder, whole document folder, music folder or any folder exist on your computer.

When You Can Get this Google Drive Up-gradation?

This latest upcoming version of Google Drive is for Mac and PC that will integrate Google Photo Desktop Loader.   This featured app will be available with the name of Google Backup and Sync app, and you can get your hands on it in late June most probably from 28th of this month.

However, it is a notable change by the company, but Google suggests the everyday users opt for this new face of Google Drive because it will allow them to store more of their data including folders of photos, videos, music, etc. But, the company adds in the suggestion that the business class should keep using the Drive File Stream, designed especially for enterprise. It is because it allows consuming more of a data and does not take any space on your system’s hard disk.

A Safe Way To Consume All Storage On Google Drive:

Furthermore, the company has not cleared yet whether or not the user could edit the file and if yes then to which extent he will be allowed. Most probably, it will allow you to edit as much as you do it currently. I would be glad if it enables the users to sync the Google Drive data with other multiple devices using the drive as an intermediary.

By transferring all your PC’s data to Google Drive, you could possibly fill up the 15 GB storage limit on each free account of Gmail.

Verily, Google Drive has got change for good. For a long time, such similar demand was coming from the users of Dropbox. The people were looking up the company to ease their job of syncing the data. But Dropbox could not appear to do much in this regard. Google Drive is to emerge as a pretty much good option for those looking for a much compliant data syncing app.


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