In second-quarter of the last year, Google rolled out its video calling app under the name of Google Duo. At the initial time, it was only dedicated to video calling with no support of only audio calling. Later Google started testifying its audio calling support in Brazil only. Now, in the fullness of time, Google has made Google Duo Audio Calling feature available for the users in rest of the world to get the ball rolling with audio calling app powered by Google. This news was broken by the Google Duo-tech lead in his Twitter post late on Sunday.

How Can You Get Your Hands On It?

How the Google Duo users can get their hands on Google Duo Audio Calling, is to just simply toggle the switch on the top of the app interface. This tap will switch off the video calling mode and turn on the Google Duo Audio Calling mode. This add-on feature of Google Duo will no more force the callers to show themselves over a call. This gives you the option of saving your data packet and battery consumptions as video calling requires more of both. And apart from this, you can make audio calls if you are in your favorite dirty pajamas and have a bad hair day!

Why Is Google Consolidating Audio Support?

What remains unclear is why Google is attempting to integrate audio calling feature in an app which was already doing well with video calls. However, it could be in an effort to make room for Google Duo app somewhere in between the messaging app market which is heavily acquired by Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. These apps are user-friendly plus people can have all the features of the text, video, and voice messaging all in one app. This seems to be the driving force for Google to roll out Google Duo Audio Calling Feature.

If Google dreams of surpassing Apple Facetime, then I must give them a reality check that why Apple Facetime is touching the skies because it is integrated with iOS and is available as a default video calling feature powered by Apple. But we have seen it in Google Android OS.

Less Likely To Get On With Flying Colors

Inevitably, Google’s messaging app techniques have always been vague. It actually looks like they follow the rule of thumb and every time get off on the wrong foot. The abrupts changes and rolling out with Google’s legacy app Hangout that has been split in Chat and Meets now (actually venture-based versions of Allo and Duo).  But thankfully Google is cutting the corners of its great listed messaging apps by pulling out the plug of Google Talk and Google’s bad egg in the social media Space. Surely, Google Duo Audio Calling is a pretty much nifty add-on but seemingly, Google Duo has miles to go to keep neck to neck with the leading messaging app behemoth Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

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