The wait is over now. Yesterday the biggest tech titans broke the ice and kicked off its annual Google I/O 2017 Developers Conference. Here is the list of all the announcements that were echoed in the hall of Google’s Annual Developer’s Conference.

2 Billion Users On Android:

Sundar Pichai took the first space on the stage of Google I/O 2017 and shared the reckoned number of users. He announced there had been 800 million users on OneDrive, 500 million on Google Photos and the most of all nearly 2 billion users use Android devices.

Google’s AI:

No developer conference could end without the touch of AI in specific. This time Google I/O 2017 was AI themed. Google announced to put the fine layer of AI to all its existing and upcoming products, debuting it with Google Lens. This Google Lens will figure out what you aim for as you hover your camera over anything.

Google thinks far beyond the betterment of only its own product. Rather it wants to keep the whole AI community in pace with Google. The company has launched the platform under the name of to get the research and theory papers by AI researchers submitted here.

Cloud TPU:

Google was whispered to be evolving with the machine learning technology, and now the company has launched its very own second generation TPU (tensor processing units) chips designed for machine learning.

Expansion Of Google Assistant:

Google Assistant initially made its debut from Google Pixel phone, and in the flurry of time, it has got a significant development to the hundreds of million Android devices. In addition to this, the company has also appended few more alluring features as you are now enabled to type in your query instead of uttering it, perfect for any crowded area where your voice could go overheard. Apart from this, there would have some new languages to be learned by this smart voice assistant to be more conversational.

Google Assistant For iOS to Take On Siri:

Sick of greeting Siri with its conventional “Hey”? Then here is good news for all such iPhone fanatics that they can now make use of Google Assistant on iOS.

Google Home v2:

Google Home is getting its version 2 to lead the jockey with Amazon Echo. You can now call people using your Google home. The device is featured with Bluetooth speakers and has the better range of music sources. This smart device Google Home v2 has become even more fashionable with its proactive assistance that will suggest you if there is any sort of danger. For instance, the traffic jam on the way to your workplace. This will also come with visual responses that allow you to launch any program on the device and watch it on TV or Phone via Chromecast.

Google Photos:

The already going wonders Google App is announced with some updates in Google I/O 2017. The new features include facial recognition to better suggest you for sharing the album. Moreover, photo books can also be download with this Google Photo service.

360 Videos On YouTube TV App:

YouTube will soon get 360 videos on YouTube TV App. However, it is not certain whether the platform is right for such videos or not, but why not give it a try!

Android O:

Finally, there is something about Android in Google I/O 2017. The long anticipated Android next version Android O, yes just O is out for the beta version that could currently be accessed by Google phones like Pixel, etc. This release will have some great features like PiP ( Picture in Picture), Notifications dots, autofill function and a handful of optimizations.

Kotlin Replacing Java:

Google said goodbye to old coding language Java and replaced with the modern coding language Kotlin for writing Android apps, surely a great news for developers out there.

Android Go:

Google with its 2 billion Android users wants to overshadow the market especially the developing country more heavenly. For this purpose, the company has rolled out lightweight and cheap OS, Android Go.


In Google I/O 2017, the company divulged the fact that it has been working with Google Map team in a wake to develop an indoor positioning technology known as VPS or visual positioning service.

Google Jobs:

After all, Google is actually famous as the best search engine, how it could oversee that, this Google I/O 2017 did not leave behind this legacy and introduced the Google search engine specifically designed for the job hunt.

This was a precise recap of all the major announcements made on the biggest tech giant Google’s big annual day called Google I/O 2017 keynote.


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