Are you a kind of person who finds it hard to relocate the parking spot of your parked car? If yes then you can make a good use of Google Maps new add-on  “Google Maps Parking Spot Saver” which lets you save your parking location so that it can be easily located once you are free to drive back. This time Google hits the core need of the people who park their cars in the big shopping plazas or airports and trouble spotting their vehicles among hundreds of cars.

Although Google had previously come up with the similar feature in Google Now, that feature could not earn much of the ratings. Being an automatic parking detector powered by GPS sometimes gets failed to find the accurate location of parked cars where the GPS does not work.


Apple Maps Attempt

However iOS 10, Apple Maps have also announced to execute the feature for the same purpose, but Google Maps effort is much more worthwhile. Apple Maps will note and mark your parking spot with a pin once you are disconnected with Bluetooth or CarPlay. It will also let you ascribe notes and photos and even edit your location on the map. This way Apple Maps will remember your parking spots.

How Does Google Maps Parking Spot Saver Work?

Meanwhile, Google silently implemented this handy feature in the Google Maps. Google Maps Parking Spot Saver will allow you to save your parking location and recover it whenever you need to get out of the place. Once you parked your car, remember taping the blue dot on the map. Once you do so, you will get to see a new menu with an option of saving your parking. Then you will be required to fill in all the essential details like photos of the parking spot and notes that you might need to spot back your car. The blue location dot is adjustable, and if there is parking meter, then the Google Maps Parking Spot Saver will also remind you of the time left on the meter.

Once you are done with saving your parking location, Google Maps will continue to show up a “P” sign on the map and a notification that will keep reminding you about your saved parking spot unless you clear it or add another location.


Hence this Google Maps Parking Spot Saver seems more robust than the proactive feature in Google Now that relies on the mercy of GPS because it needs manually entry that can be more accurate than the Android’s guess.
Nevertheless, Google did not appear to declare this Google Maps Parking Spot Saver formally, may be because it is only launched in Android (v. 9.49). But soon it will make its way to iOS once it emerges as a breakthrough for Android users.

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