Android Console looks to come and go with the modern trend, but Google supposedly wants to keep the illusion alive by giving its own game-streaming platform and perhaps the first-party console. The newest rumor pins down a project codenamed as “Yeti” signaling a subscription-based streaming service; which is playable on Google’s Chromecast devices. That could indicate Google proposes to release a new variant of Chromecast packing Bluetooth connectivity and a compatible game controller; which is Google’s very own Android console.

Google May Be Reattempting to Enter the Console Market with a Streaming Service Or Android Console

According to an unnamed source, Google produced Yeti for two years. The company initially had the service locked and packed for a holiday 2017 launch, but reportedly chose to delay the project. So far there’s no sign of when — or if — the Yeti project will ever go to market. An updated Chromecast, however, is necessary regardless of Yeti’s status.

Lamentably, there is no report about the rumored Android Console. There is also no information about what Google intends to stream: Will the company just offer Android games, or team up with Steam to give a service that supports high-quality desktop-class games?

Currently, the most famous Android Console on the market is Nvidia’s Shield TV. It’s an Android TV set-top box at heart, powered by the company’s Tegra-branded mobile processor. But it also concentrates on gaming: Android-based games installed on the device, and PC games that you can stream via Nvidia’s GeForce Now service. This may be the market Google is pleading with its unannounced Yeti project.

Nvidia is currently rolling out a beta of GeForce Now for Windows and MacOS-based PCs. The service creates a virtual desktop in the cloud powered by Nvidia’s GTX 1080 graphics cards. You install your favorite Steam-based games in this virtual environment and then stream those games to low-end machines.

Sony already renders its Gaikai-backed PlayStation Now service that streams more than 600 PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 games. Microsoft projects to enter the streaming market with an Xbox-branded service within the next several years.


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