Google is rolling out some modifications intended to protect users on Android. Earlier this week, the news about the new rules; that banned apps from displaying ads on your lock screen hit the airwaves. These could outwit users into downloading undesired software or dispensing data; that they don’t want to. Now, Google is cracking down with Google Play Protect on apps that share data it shouldn’t.

The Safe Browsing team is planning out new limitations on how apps accumulate a user’s data. Under the new strategy, apps must implement their privacy policy and prompt users to share their information. This pertains to everything from a user’s phone number to the list of apps present on the phone.

Applications which receive and send personal information not needed for the app to work must tell users how the data will be practiced.

“If an app accumulates and sends personal data irrelevant to the functionality of the app then, before compilation and transmission, the app must prominently present how the user data will be employed and have the user give affirmative permission for such use.”

The new provisions will apply to all functionalities of an app. For instance, if an application needs to send analytics or crash reports; it cannot send the list of installed packages irrelevant to the app unless it reveals that and gets consent from the user.
Interestingly enough, apps from outside of the Play Store should be the subject to this policy too. No matter where it comes from, the app must comply with the policy or Google Play Protect will display a notification whenever it attempts to collect your data without your consent. Google will also show the usual red warning boxes when you try to visit a website that sells an offending app.

Developers and webmasters have 60 days to implement revisions in Google Play Protect before Google will step in and warn users.

What is your say about these changes in Google Play Protect? Will they cut down on the number of apps that take your information without telling you? Let us know down in the comments.

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