Google promised to roll out a Google Pixel 2 update in order to resolve several issues; girdling the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL last month following by the various user complaints. These started almost as soon as the phones hit the airwaves and release in mid-October; have aroused Google to extend the warranty period of the Pixel 2s to dissipate doubts over device durability.

What Are the Tweaks In Pixel 2 Update?

In Google Pixel 2 update that began rolling out earlier today; Google has added explications for some of the devices’ most critical issues.

New Color Mode

Google Community Manager Orrin proclaimed the modifications over at the Google Product Forums. The Google Pixel 2s now beget a new “saturated” color mode in the display settings; which allows the users to toggle for making the screen look more vibrant. This software solution was executed following the objections; that the screen’s colors seem “washed out” or “bleached.” This updated color mode will give a less true-to-real-life color representation; but may satisfy those who need their Pixel 2 display to be a bit more impressive.

More Durable Screen

In addition to enhancing the colors; Google is also endeavoring to stretch the lifespan of the Pixel screens. The company has rolled out stratagems to prevent the display burn-in effect (an example of which can be viewed above); reported on the Pixel XL soon after it was launched; that includes dimming out the navigation keys and “updating” the maximum screen brightness. Probably, that’s a coded approach of saying “decreasing” the maximum brightness — I can’t think of another max brightness change that would feasibly work.

For those bothered about the possible adverse influence these solutions in Google Pixel 2 update could have; Orrin, transcribed that these reforms have been “carefully designed so as not to detract from the user experience.”

Safe From KRACK Exploit

Rounding things off, After Google Pixel 2 update; the devices should no longer experience the NFC-induced clicking sounds plausible on some units; and the company also made it secured against the KRACK exploit.

If you own a Pixel 2 handset; sit back and wait to get this Google Pixel 2 update coming to OTA in the next few days.

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