Google understands the hassle of managing data usage and keep it on a minimum scale might be a hell of a job for every other Android user who uses limited data package. The smartphone with Android OS usually ingests so much data about which the user himself is unaware. Also, many privacy geeks do not want every other app to use their mobile data. It’s also because any unreliable app which is running continuously on the phone can be a threat. Subsequently,  Google is reportedly testing a new tool to block each app from using mobile data. Hence, this will save the data from being used by the apps unnecessarily. The app is Google Triangle that is currently in its testing phase in the Philippines.

How Does Google Triangle Work?

This tool will enable the users to keep a check on the Android apps using their data and prevent them from doing so. You can get your eyes on the data balance, know which of your app is eating more of your data and even stop them right away. The market full of limitless mobile data availability is not much in need of such tool, But for mobile data and bandwidth limited packages, it has become quite a subtle issue to save the data from the running app. In such circumstances, the data-conscious users find it really hard to prevent their data from the apps using it unnecessarily. To help such users, Google has made an effort of experimenting Google Triangle that will cut down the consumption of the mobile data by and large.

Google’s Similar Attempts:

However, it is worth noting that this is not company’s first attempt to provide a granular control to the users over their data consumption. A couple of years ago, the company also launched Data Saver mode for its mobile version of Chrome browser. And also it introduced data saving built-in functionality in its few lot of devices like Google Pixel.

By comparison, Google Triangle offers a more accurate feature to get the control over the data usage by the apps than what Pixel provides. Singularly, the Triangle app allows you to select the time slot between you are allowing any particular app to use your mobile data. The options like 10 minutes, 30 minutes or Always will help you choose how often you want your apps to consume your phone’s data.

Also, there is a gray icon on the left of the time slot options, which has a lock graphic with Block written on it. This button will let you stop any app to use the data. You can also check the remaining prepaid mobile data balance with the carriers like Smart and Globe. As of now, the company did not loosen lips to disclose whether or not such tool will hit the markets of US. But, the Philippine users can install it for free here.


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