Finally, Google’s attention has drawn towards this issue that the users have been complaining for years. That is no indication of Android Bluetooth device battery. However, it sounds so little issue to ignore but at times feels very annoying. But now with the new version of Android OS, the company is finally making it easy to track the battery with Android Bluetooth device battery indicator. It was first spotted by XDA Developers. And it divulged that the Android Open Source Project has added support for “[retrieving] battery level information of [a] remote device.”

How Android Bluetooth Device Battery Indicator Will Work?

When this feature makes room in Android upcoming version; it will likely to show users the battery indication of any connected Bluetooth device right on their smartphone. And these accessories will need to be configured with the smartphone’s OS so that it could share their battery information. This shows that initially, the feature will not be compatible with so many products.

When It Will Be Rolled Out?

Furthermore, it remains unclear, or the company did not talk about any timeline; that when exactly this Android Bluetooth device battery indicator will morph from Android Open Source Development to a fully polished feature. But we have spotted some hint that’s divulged by a member of Android O’s engineering team; during a Reddit Q&A earlier this month, saying, “We’re looking at this and are happy to report that some of our hardware manufacturing partners already support this.”

Google’s Catch-Up:

However, it is worth noting that the engineers have pointed out; that some Android phones have already incorporated this feature of indicating Bluetooth device battery. The companies like Samsung, OnePlus and LG all have developed the support into their smartphones; for showing Bluetooth device’s battery level. Thus, this implies that Google is only making a catch-up; in the name of Android Bluetooth Device battery indicator to the companies customizing Android capabilities.

Moreover, it is still clueless how the company is going to implement this. Whether it will pop up in the notification tray, in the status bar or somewhere else. The configuration looks somehow flexible that allows the developers to add more information on Bluetooth device wherever they wish. Presumably, Android O is now in its final state; so it is pretty much clear that the Android users have to wait; and see when the Google rolls out this feature as a later update. But the next Google Pixel is reportedly abandoning headphone jacks; hence Android Bluetooth device battery indicator seems useful for the users who are about to opt for wireless headphones.

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