The iPhone 8 may have been loaded with the exacted kit; but we’ve all been looking forward to obtaining out; what fun Apple’s designers had put together inside iPhone X — and it doesn’t disenchant us. iFixit’s top-as-always teardown exposes a stock of unique new parts inside iPhone X; the most significant redesign of the device in years.

Battery Division Inside iPhone X

Right off the bat, there’s an intriguing and first-time option to divide the battery into two components — it’s largely just to better use the room; that’s left over after planning for the size of the other parts. It still comes out as a singular piece; only a little more L-shaped than the usual oblong in iPhone X.

Lightning Pod

Users will be exhilarated to apprehend that the Lightning port has been augmented; it’s provided a little more extent and house inside the body of the phone; which should stop it from consuming out so quickly.


The front-facing camera array, typically a miniaturized first-generation Kinect; doesn’t have numerous surprises, but it’s pleasing to see that it arises out comparatively easily and in one piece.

Logic Board

It’s the logic board that really overwhelms, though. When taken out of its small spot; it seems like it’s smaller than the iPhone 8’s. How could that be; if it has even more aptitudes? It turns out this particular logic board is double-sided.

Setting some pieces on the rear of a board is something new, but this carries it to a diverse level. It’s very thin and very densely thronged logic boards; connected with a spacer PCB and with small tunnels into which data can travel.

This is how the logic board inside iPhone X contrives to occupy 30 percent less room while outfitting in 35 percent more components. It’s a commendable feat of miniaturization — but the flip side is that it puts a lot of electronic eggs in one basket. If something goes wrong with one bit, you’ll have to replace what’s likely the most complicated mobile logic board ever made.

Surely A Better iPhone

The good news is that the most common failure of iPhones — a broken screen — is relatively candid to fix. That notch bearing the Face ID hardware is separate from the screen, so you can replenish the glass without replacing the baby Kinect. The battery is moreover relatively easy to replace. Take care of the back panel, though: if it shatters, you’ll pretty much be stuck with it unless you really want to shell out.

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