The Dell XPS 13 has been the top-notch laptop on the market for a while now. Its bezel-game was winning the curve, and it even offered low-end configurations for buyers on a budget. But great its design was, it’s been more or less unchanged since its redesign in 2015.

But now, Dell just dropped the details of its 2018 XPS 13 — and from the looks of it, it’s the breath of fresh air I’ve been waiting for.

Yes, it has some significant upgrades that we could have predicted, including 8th-generation Core CPUs, plenty of port options, and some impressive battery life claims. On the 4K model, you get 11 hours and 12 minutes, while on the HD display you get 19 hours and 46 minutes. That’s a significant upgrade from the 2017 model.

Dell still offers the HD version, but the 4K display sounds out of this world, maintaining a 1,500:1 contrast ratio and 400 nit brightness. More importantly, Dell has made the screen even more useful by covering it around already-tiny bezels. They’ve anyhow been shaved by another 23 percent, while the overall size of the laptop has been warped down by 24 percent. In this field, the competition is just not even close.

Dell XPS 13 Most Anticipated Laptop CES 2018


dell xps 13 most anticipated laptop ces 2018 2017 product2
The cherry on top is the new design. In a world where laptops can often be classified as either MacBook-clones or generic black bits, I’m always looking for something that seems legitimately different. Dell did that with the Dell XPS 13 in 2015 — and now it’s doing it again.

Dell is hyping its “runway”-inspired rose gold version, and I love it. Am I the only one who’s been waiting for white laptops to come back in fashion? From a classic, aesthetic level, I just can’t wait to see this laptop in person. It looks clean, new, and modern, yet it doesn’t seem like any of its competitors. That’s a hard deal to pull off with a product that, no matter its design, will unavoidably be a rectangle. The black carbon-fiber version is not really as striking, but it too is different, as Dell’s competitors haven’t mimicked its style.

Oh, and it applies Gore fabric to help disseminate heat. Yes, that’s the same kind of material you’ll find in the expensive athletic jackets. Isn’t it cool?

We’re going to follow CES just next week, and the new Dell XPS 13 is now one of the first things I want to get my hands on.


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