There is no skepticism that technology has enhanced most aspects of our lives and made us smarter people; so it results that Santa and his elves have become more efficient as well. In a beguiling blog post on Google Cloud Platform blog, Merry, Santa’s “Chief Information Elf” reveals how they’ve prepared for Christmas more efficiently by shifting operations to Google Cloud Platform. Here’s the tech behind Christmas Google Cloud Platform.

Merry explains how the global society has developed drastically over the last 100 years; so it was rationally essential to advance to the cloud:

“The world population increased from around 1.6 billion in the early 20th century to 7.5 billion today. The elf population couldn’t keep up with that growth and the increased production of all these new toys using our old methods, so we needed to improve efficiency.”

The Tech Behind Christmas Google Cloud Platform

Christmas is seemingly more complicated than you would imagine, with the North Pole getting the benefit of Google’s “microservices.” These microservices concede Santa and his elves to classify the various Christmas tasks from “processing incoming letters from children, another microservice for calculating kids’ niceness scores, even a microservice for tracking reindeer games rankings.” All essential stuff, we all aspire to make sure the big guy receives all of our letters; so this microservice assures that he receives them neatly and conveniently. So, this was the tech behind Christmas Google Cloud Platform. Read here about Google Launches Android Oreo (Go edition).

With all these duties, they required upgrading to more powerful machines to manage their workload. Merry says that they sought to run all of this material on their own devices, but they had power crisis; given that solar isn’t a viable source there; so they had to look up to Google for help. GCP conceded Santa’s elves to operate their intensive “Christmas Planner application” with the technoscientific services that Google’s platform gives such as CloudML, BigQuery, and more.

All in all, this is a somewhat entertaining, yet useful post explaining the tech behind Christmas Google Cloud Platform. If Santa can get all of his requirements in the cloud, so can you.


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