Tesla’s truck is a divergence from more conventional diesel-powered equivalents in a plenty of ways. But it might be most starkly contrasting when it comes to the cabin. I got the opportunity to sit in Tesla Semi; and it’s, of course, a dramatically unique experience for the drivers; hitting the roads with Tesla Semi.

Entering Into Tesla Semi’s Cab

All starts with getting into the cabin; which you have to do with the help of a staircase; built into the side of the truck. It’s quite easier to get in and out as compared to any traditional semi truck cab; surely. In fact, it is more like entering into a luxury consumer highway coach.
Once I got inside the cab; I began to ascertain that even at 6’2″, I could easily stand with the clearance left to spare above. There’ lots of space in general in the cab; all around, even with the secondary jump seat installed (and it can be pushed). The center-positioned driver place takes up the most area of any cabin accouterments.

How Does It Look?

The touchscreen navigation data, as well as cabin controls, and multimedia. I was easily performing songs thumbs up and then immediately moving over to the Autopilot controls on the left console; which would’ve enabled me to do things like engaging lane keeping if it was actually on the road and driving.

The central area is intended to give you a bit of a “king of the road” feel, according to Tesla, and it does undoubtedly carry that. It helps that you’re besieged by a nearly panoramic set of three windows, including the windshield, that present a much more unobstructed view of the road then you’ll generally get from a truck cab.

There also weren’t any wing mirrors on the Tesla Semi; which Tesla explained is just a conceptual vision of how it might be able to equip the truck in future when laws know that you could substitute much of the functionality, if not do more, with cameras vs. physical mirrors.

Further Specs

The cab also highlighted lots of storage, in the doors, above the rear wall (like airplane overheads) and with cupholders. Tesla says it’s meant to be convenient for the use habits of existing drivers; who tend to bring a lot of stuff on the road.

In the end, the Tesla Semi feels more like a car than any other transport truck I’ve had the fortune to get into before. It requires any shifters and looks a lot simpler to operate, too. It feels a little bit like you’re the captain of a futuristic spaceship when you’re plunked in that standard driver seat (which is also hydraulic for added comfort). I can definitely see a lot of truck drivers angling for a chance to pilot this once it becomes available.

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