Instagram imitated the ‘Snap,’ and now it might be advancing towards the ‘chat’. An Instagram video calling feature was found in a non-public version of Instagram by the WhatsApp industry blog WABetaInfo. It would allow users who’ve launched an Instagram Direct message thread to have video chat with each other. That could allow people consume even more time in the Instagram app; but by actively interacting, rather than quietly browsing; which Facebook has come to acknowledge isn’t beneficial for our well-being.

Instragram Didn’t Comment On Instagram Video Calling Feature Arrival

As of now, however, Instagram denies commenting. When questioned about the Instagram video calling feature; a representative told us; “We don’t comment on rumors and speculation”. That’s distinct than its more positive boilerplate narrative given; when it does verify tests of future features; “we’re always testing new experiences for the Instagram community.” That’s what the company narrated us ahead of this month when we heard about the Instagram’s teaming up with Giphy for Stories GIFs…which started a week later.

So This Instagram Video Calling Feature Might Never Start.

But Instagram already allows people call in through a video to each other’s Live Stories like they’re on some TV talk show, and post short temporary video clips over Instagram Direct. It lately launched a dedicated messaging app, Direct. And video calling feature has become one of the most successful elements of Instagram parent Facebook Messenger app — with 17 billion video chats happening in 2017, up 2X from 2016.

Messaging is the core of the mobile experience; making the most device opens and time consumed. As Facebook strives to shift the behaviors, it inculcates from vicious, zombie-like scrolling to genuine interpersonal interaction, multiplying down on messaging is a correct path. And Facebook’s apps are always craving for younger users who might not have phone numbers or lavish mobile plans and hence might primarily avail of this new feature.

Now, we will have to wait and see whether soon you’ll be calling friends via Instagram video calling feature Or is it the Phonogram?


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