As part of Apple two hours long Apple WWDC 2017, the announcement of Apple new version of operating system iOS 11 couldn’t get much time to present the details about this new OS. However, the company’s executives following chief executive Tim Cook enlightened us briefly with the big changes this operating system is coming with. One of the mega changes is the ability of iOS 11 to help the consumers empty their iPhone storage by rendering personalized suggestions related to the things they can do to lessen the storage on their device.

Inevitably, this feature seems to be fitting with the phone to give them the control to adjust the storage space by following some tasks suggested by this OS. Moreover, it will serve Apple’s entry-level handsets the best like 16GB storage iPhone, etc. Even it can potentially boost up more space in 32GB iPhone 7 or 7S that were sharply criticized for not meeting the expectations regarding storage. Even though the phone offers 32GB, due to huge default files, apps that take much of storage space, camera accessories, support for HD videos, etc., the space of the phone’s storage runs short for a user.

Storage plays a critical role in the performance of any phone, and iPhone users are very rational about their handset’s storage. They feel it very annoying if the face storage issues and could not capture much of the pictures, videos and updating software would also be a problem due to short of storage.

In past couple of years, we have got to see Apple’s endeavor in the same vein that was to put forward some third-party tools like pictures compression app in order to save on storage. But, this time the company plays from front foot in a bid to resolve the storage dilemma.

Since this iOS 11 feature is not much detailed in the conference regarding how does it work, there have been a flurry of query related tweets and their solutions since the moment iOS 11 has been announced. Following is the screenshot that tells you how the iOS 11 will present you suggestions, tricks, and tips that can save your phone from clogging with unnecessary files and will free up some storage space for you.

Undoubtedly, out of all the updates unveiled at WWDC, this iOS 11 feature is the most wanted one from the fanatics as running out of space has become a common issue faced by all iPhone users. Though this will not let the users download extra space, surely it will somehow ease the running short of disk space users.


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