Gran Canaria, Spain - December 13, 2015: Female hands holding new iPhone 6s Space Gray on the blurred sea background. iPhone 6 was created and developed by the Apple inc.

Ever annoyed by the flurry of notification beeps, continuously eating up the room’s peace? Even if you are using the phone but the person next to you is sleeping. What do you do in such cases? Do Not Disturb mode? Well, you can free yourself from taking this pain; because with iPhone 8 in hand, this problem will be no more a problem. Lately, when the Apple accidentally unveiled an early development of HomePod firmware. In search of some references, Guilherme Rambo has been looking and digging around the library files to get some hints about the future product. That’s when he noticed the new iPhone 8 facial recognition feature could also mute the notification if your eyes are on the screen.

How iPhone 8 Facial Recognition Will be?

The developer then tweeted ‘TLAttentionAwarenessObserver’ code snippet which suggests that the iPhone could detect when your eyes are on the screen and could mute the notifications accordingly. However, from the previous leaks, we have already heard a lot about iPhone 8 facial recognition and that Apple is building some strange kind of it. This facial detection technology has a code name of Pearl ID that will likely replace the Touch ID sensor.

Seemingly, the upcoming flagship phone of Apple, iPhone 8 will have dual front-facing cameras along with an infrared sensor. This will enable you to unlock your iPhone even if you are not directly gazing it or you happen to be in the dark with iPhone 8 facial recognition technology.

iPhone 8 Could Track You All the Time:

Subsequently, today’s divulgence feels even more surprising because it signals that iPhone 8 facial recognition sensor is robust enough to track you round the clock; and this how Apple would likely silence the notification when its sensor detects your face while you are looking at the screen.

Will It Replace Touch ID?

Besides, Apple can make use of its facial detection sensor in many other ways. Though it is built to unlock your iPhone primarily; Touch ID previously did that. This signals that unlocking your phone via Touch ID will be replaced by Face ID in next iPhone iteration. But, it is worth noting that Touch ID has more use than only unlocking the phone. iPhone relies on Touch ID when it asks security assurance. It scans fingerprints to make sure whether or not the same person is making the request. This includes password managers, banking apps, file management apps and other sensitive apps; that is currently using Touch ID as an extra security layer. So, iPhone 8 is likely to skip this Touch ID assurance request; and the iOS will lock itself automatically when you move away from your eyes.

The Wait Is Soon To Be Over:

Reportedly, this premium flagship phone of Apple is going to hit airwaves in September; on the grand occasion of its 10th anniversary. It could probably be called iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro to make it a signature phone of all iPhone’s iterations. So, I’m pretty much excited to see how Apple will make changes in iOS 11; and in iPhone 8 itself to give it an edge over other predecessors.


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