This is crazy how the crossover SUVs are considered as the rock music of the car world; that is disdained by the purists, fancy by the masses, and disproportionately profitable regarding its sales. Consequently, Jaguar’s F-Pace sets the perfect example of this fashion, vending up to 80,000 SUVs after its launch back in 2016; and counting for approximately half of 172,848 cars that the company sold in its last financial year. With such a prominent commercial success, it was certain that Jaguar would go for the second bite at the cherry. To that end, today the company unveiled the new E-Pace SUV with compact performance. However, it’s a downgraded F-Pace in terms of power, price, and size; but the vision behind this is same as in F-Pace to provide the people exactly what they are looking for.

Jaguar E-Pace To Capture Eastern Regions Too:

Call it my luck or what I was also at Jaguar’s London launch of the E-Pace. One of the interesting peripheral things that I noted about it was that Chinese and Russian journalists were almost equal to the English reporters. This signaled Jaguar’s plan on outstripping the growing market opportunity in the Eastern block. However, this new E-Pace will initially be launched in Austria and Graz; but from the next year, it’ll also hit manufacturing cycle in China particularly for the local Chinese market. The pre-order for Jaguar E-Pace will kick off from tonight with starting prices of $38,600, £28,500, or €34,950, and shipment will be within six months.

Who Might Be Interested?

Here’s what I found, the fanatics who might be captivated for getting their hands on this new Jaguar E-Pace; it can be a young couple or the one who probably owns no other car. And those who wish to get most of the return for the money they spent regarding stowage space, modern specs, and eye-catchy design. Anyone other than a new couple could also be intrigued by this proposition by Jaguar E-Pace.

Mainly, in my experience, I feel myself more comfortable in an Audi Q7 than an A8; because of so many advantages in such crossover vehicles in my urban environment. In that situation I would need another vehicle when I have to move lots of load around. Hence, whenever I will buy anything on wheels, I will make sure to keep it in touch with practical grounds. But at the same time, I also appreciate nice and smart design. Subsequently, this new Jaguar E-Pace is for sure very compact for its class and performance plus features attractively chunky look to lure you.

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