From a quite a while we have heard that flexibility is the future of smartphone designs. But Lenovo brings this idea to the laptops as well. Today, at a New York’s event the company unveiled its futuristic concept of Lenovo flexible laptop with a bendable screen. The company showed off an image of this super cool laptop having a built-in keyboard, a mouse nub, and a Think Pad pointing stick.

This foldable laptop will primarily depend on voice command and use advanced materials and latest screen technologies. However, the company did not go into the details of those technologies and advanced materials.

Since artificial intelligence becomes an integral tech of future devices, Lenovo flexible laptop will also use it. It will likely to feed you the information of your need and will be able to work with various input methods. Singularly, the company shared the ‘always on or connected” laptop concept as the core feature of this rollable Lenovo laptop.

However, it is worth noting that this is not the first time when the company has immersed in pliable devices. Last year was the year when the company showed off Lenovo foldable smartphone that rolls around your wrist and continue working. Moreover, the company also made a foldable tablet that looks like a book.

Lenovo Flexible Laptop, Will It Really Come Out Same?

Skeptically, this plan of developing Lenovo flexible laptop does not look close to reality. As the company is itself counting on screen technology and advanced material, it is clear that it might not come out as it depicts you the concept. However, the flexible devices are not something impossible because we have seen such devices in past couple of years. But the idea of such prototype designs is mostly much of a thickness that they barely become flexible. Also, the idea of integrating stylus could make it even harder.

Apart from design, the company also promised to feature this Lenovo flexible laptop with voice command mainly. This also leaves me guessing how will we navigate the browser using voice assistant. It will be pretty much difficult if there is no other option because not every time people rely on voice commands, not even in smartphones.

Undoubtedly, the flexible designs are the future as Samsung is busy developing a flexible smartphone that according to the rumor is Galaxy X.  Though, it will likely to launch somewhere in 2019. On the other hand, LG is also working on flexible OLED displays to use in its various futuristic products.

Whereas, Lenovo has shown off a nearly perfect picture of a prototype designed laptop that becomes a target of skepticism. But if the company could do it faultlessly, then it will surely be an exotic hit model. However, it will surely be going to take to years to morph the manufacturing cycle and come in the market.


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