Logitech company is all set to be back with the bang in the market of the security cam. In the same vein, the company is unveiling new twin, Logitech Circle 2 one is wired, and the other is wireless. This security cam offers you a pretty much variety of functionality, depending on how you want to use it. And for this purpose, you will need to buy its peripheral parts that will also be available in order to use it in your way, but that seems not less than a downside because the parts are in good numbers.

This security cam is small in its own way with an 180-degree camera on the front and smart connectivity at the back. Amazingly this 180-degree camera is enough to woo the buyers because it captures a really wide area which seems not less than a wonder for this miniature Logitech Circle 2. Moreover, the smart connectivity gives fit-in shapes to the vision.

It comes in various option to attach and get the ball rolling with Logitech Circle 2. It can mount to the wall or battery power board, windows mount and a plug-in mount to insert it straight into the outlet. You will have to use any of these attachments to power the camera.

Specs Of Logitech Circle 2:

Let us have a close look at some of the unveiled specs of Logitech Circle 2.

  • Weather-proof hybrid camera for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Night mode.
  • High Definition live streaming of 1080p.
  • The range of view is 180 degree.
  • 24/7 free cloud storage.
  • Two-way talk.
  • Supports Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Logitech pop-smart button integration.
  • Offers premium 14 and 31 days cloud storage plan that is optional and 31 days plan includes face detection and motion zone.
  • The core camera tech for both wired and wireless Logitech Circle 2 is same.
  • The wired Circle 2 is priced at $180, and the one with battery mount is of $200.
  • Shipping will start from July.

However, both the cameras have the similar core technology, but a slight different design makes them nonidentical in a way. The wired Circle 2 camera comes with a power adapter. Whereas the wireless model hits the market with a built-in rechargeable battery of 2-3 months life. But what boggles my mind is the rolling out two separate cameras if they have same specs and technology. Rather, Logitech could have integrated both the battery and adapter power option in a single Circle 2 cam. Anyways, the bubbles will blow over from the bottle when we get our hands on this Logitech Circle 2 security cameras in late summer.




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