As an added layer of security, Skype has published a preview of end-to-end encryption to Skype as “Private Conversations.” For now, it’s available for Skype Insiders; users will soon have more security over the content they send within their conversations over Skype.

Microsoft Is Bringing End-To-End Encryption To Skype

Using Open Whisper System’s Signal Protocol; Private Conversations gives end-to-end encryption to Skype audio calls; along with the text messages, images, videos, and audio you share. All content will also be protected while on the app; so any Preview messages you send on Skype won’t show up in your Chats history or notifications.

Open Whisper Systems has turned into the industry standard when it comes to encryption in communication. WhatsApp also teamed up with the company back in 2016; to generate its own form of end-to-end encryption.

Some might even be intimate with Open Whisper’s own messaging service app named Signal, available for iOS and Android. Besides its current end-to-end encrypted VoIP and chat service, it tested beta encrypted video calls last year as well.

How To Get It

You can check Skype’s preview by choosing “New Private Conversation” when in the compose menu or from the profile of the recipient. The recipient will then need to accept or reject, which will undoubtedly declare the private conversation will be secured with end-to-end encryption and you will also be able to see a lock icon beside the contact’s name.

But it’s noteworthy that you can only engage in a private conversation from one device at a time. This indicates that you can shift the conversation over to another device, but your chat history won’t get synced, and you’ll have to send the invitation again to your contact.

When it comes to quitting a Private Conversation, you’ll get a confirmation window making you know it has formally ended. You can also remove it the same way you would with a normal chat, and retrieve it by opening a Private Conversation with the corresponding contact again.

But there are boundaries when it comes to your abilities — you’re incapable of editing a message or forwarding any files. From the chat window, you are able to only send files, audio messages, and emoticons.

For now, Skype is utilizing the preview phase to get feedback from Skype Insiders before delivering the feature to all of its users. It’s currently available on the newest version of Skype for desktop, along with iOS and Android.


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