Microsoft’s newest internal project is reportedly a current pared-down variant of Windows, also knows as ‘Polaris.’ This new pared-down Windows isn’t a replacement to Windows 10; not in the conventional sense. Instead, it’s another option for the operating system more like iOS or Chrome OS; a lightweight OS meant for devices like ultra-mobile laptops, 2-in-1s, and tablets. According to Windows Central; it could be the destiny of Windows.

What’s Pared-Down Windows?

Alright, so what is this? At this time; it seems like Polaris could take over for the Windows 10 S; the pared-down junior version of Windows 10 that Microsoft is working to experiment the lightweight OS waters.

Here, we could see Windows 10 S as something of a test balloon; with Microsoft heading toward the education business to perceive; how a pared-down Windows occurrence would go over with the common Windows-user.

Reportedly, this pared-down Windows intends to bare out all the legacy elements; that make Windows 10 a wholly featured OS in support of a system created around the basics — such as Chrome OS. An OS designed for users who typically run a web browser. The new Polaris-based Windows would be faster, agiler, and bring a lot less equipment.

How Microsoft Will Develop It?

Moreover, according to Windows Central; the company would develop Polaris entirely on Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform, or UWP; delivering it a much more congenial environment to current UWP apps and conceivably offer battery life and also performance accruals.

“The current Windows Shell is one of the major legacy components; that Microsoft is replacing in Polaris; along with stripping out the legacy, unneeded Win32 components and also apps like Notepad or Paint; in favor of a UWP experience; just like Windows 10 Mobile,” Windows Central reports.

Interestingly, it’s an impressive move, and it absolutely makes sense with Microsoft’s new shift toward consolidating its Windows experience across all of its platforms, but it’s unclear whether or not pared-down Windows would end up heeding widespread adoption.


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