The wait is over! Microsoft cleared up the sky that was full of clouds of rumors about Microsoft’s upcoming laptop by launching Microsoft Surface Laptop last night on its mega event in New York. Seemingly, Microsoft envisages this product to be a potential rivalry of Google Chromebook that will likely to jockey with it in the education market presently over dominated by Google. However, the speculations and expectations go in vain when Microsoft revealed the price of this “cheap expected laptop” to be $999, but then again it is Microsoft way of hitting the market with expensive products with an anticipation to run against the less costly and already doing good products like Chromebook.

What makes Microsoft Surface Laptop unique from its Surface family is the operating system. Microsoft Surface Laptop does not support standard desktop version of Windows. Instead, it runs a new operating system Windows 10 S. This latest operating system was also launched back to back with Microsoft Surface Laptop making it superior to its other Surface siblings. Besides its operating system, what makes it more peculiar is its clamshell design unlike all the Surface series, and it is not detachable laptop cum tablet.

Here are some tech specifications of Microsoft Surface Laptop.

  • It comes with 7th generation Intel Core i5 or i7.
  • Storage capacity is 128GB, 256GB or 512GB SSD
  • Memory is 4GB, 8GB or 16GB RAM
  • Gorilla Glass 3 touchscreen, 13.5-inch 2,256×1,504 pixels display, 3:2 aspect ratio and Surface Pen compatible.
  • Intel Iris Plus 640 graphics
  • HD camera of 720p with amniotic speakers, 3.5 mm headphone jack, stereo mics and Dolby audio support.
  • Ambient light sensor enabled.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE connectivity and 802.11 ac wireless support.
  • Weighs 1.25 kg
  • 12.13 x 8.79 x 0.57 in dimensions.
  • Surface connect port, USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort and headset jacks connections.
  • Color scheme; Burgundy, platinum, graphite gold and cobalt blue.
  • You can book your order now, and Microsoft Surface Laptop will freight to you in June for $999 price.

Severe Limitations in OS but high Price!

In the wake to regain the room in the education marketplace which is now captured by Google, Microsoft developed this device with in-home hardware and limited operating system Windows 10 S. These specs and OS seem like Microsoft is asking a lot for a limited OS that is unable to run the program from other sources. Instead of building its own low-end hardware, Microsoft could have collaborated with hardware titans like Hp or Dell, in order to not load the pricey Microsoft Surface Laptop with incapable enough hardware to work with Windows 10 S. However, this $999 Microsoft product could get an edge over Google Chromebook Pixels but not what it aims to jockey with. Let us see, how this K-12 market target product could perform in real time with its OS severe limitations and skyrocketing price that seems implausible for a high school student to buy for $999 when he has better options like Chromebook.


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