Today is the day when Microsoft has started launching its new beta version. This is the new opt-in web beta program; that will likely to enable the users to get their hands on the faster and more customized email interface along with an overhauled design. Within next couple of weeks, the team of will roll out a new toggle to all the users for switching to beta program. Also, if you do not like the new version Outlook much and feel like going back to the older one; you can possibly do that!

Why the Company Launched Beta?

The company intends to test some new feature in the beta program and; from the feedback, it would decide whether or not those features should be added in the standard version of; but for that, those features must work well in the beta version. Presumably, in all fairness, the beta program’s new design will surely make it to the standard version once this testing phase ends.

How Will It Look Like?

In this revamped version of, the company has claimed to use a new development framework which is more responsive; and it helps the Outlook team to modernize the design and make it up to the standards. As far as we know about this new development framework; it is the same as Facebook’s ReactJS; which has become quite a popular for developing web pages over the time.

What Features Will It Offer?

Moreover, this new beta version will let you enjoy a much more improved search experience along with a revivified conversations mode. Besides, the new Outlook version will also proffer you some new personalization options; which includes the option to pin to the sidebar shortcuts to emails from particular senders.

Emojis & GIFs:

Since emojis and GIFs now play a vital role in any modern application, Microsoft also believes in providing what the users want. To that end, the company lets you use the emojis and GIFs in your email and cheer your friend with your freakish power of cracking puns and conjuring up old memes.

Quick Suggestions:

Also, more other features include Quick Suggestion; which gives you flight information, restaurant recommendations and the schedule of your favorite team( I’m hoping this will lure the sports maniacs out there). To me, this sounds a pretty much fantastic idea because it would allow the user to quickly drop any suggestion card into the email they are sending.

Pictures Spot:

Furthermore, there will also be a separate spot for all your sent and received photos. In case you are looking for your last year’s vacations pictures sent by your friend; you wouldn’t have to find that email though. All you need to do is to head over that pictures spot and get those vacation photos.

The Bottom-line:

Singularly, it’s good to hear that Microsoft has finally thought to give some refinements to which is still a popular and one of the most used web based client. So, we are looking forward to embracing the significant changes that this beta is bringing for us.


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