Earlier yesterday, Windows Central released a leaked off the record document, unveiling Microsoft mega plan to hit the market with Microsoft version of Chromebook in a bid to jockey Google Chromebook in the educational sector. This confidential report contained the details about the performance of much anticipated and speculated spin-off operating system of Windows 10. This operating system is initially named as Windows 10 Cloud, or it could be launched as Windows 10 S.

Microsoft is surmised to divulge it next month at software and hardware educational event in New York, but no one knew what it could come up with until now. This operating system would be compatible with the apps only from Windows Store. In an attempt to monitor the app’s performance and keep a check which app users download the most and with this Microsoft can optimize software for less energy consumption.

The plunge in the educational sector does not require much of Microsoft’s intellect because as we know, the company is striving hard to make room for itself in K-12 education which is already overly dominated by what Google Cloud offers. This Microsoft version of Chromebook seems a good game plan to thrive in the educational system and move ahead of Google. According to the leaked document, the hardware operating system would have a battery life that can last for 10 hours on a single charge or progressively whole day battery life for students. The other specifications of Microsoft version of Chromebook include:

1. A battery is bigger than 40 WHr.
2. Quad Core processor, possibly Celeron or even better than it.
3. RAM of 4GB
4. Storage of 32GB
5. Fast eMMC or SSD for storage
6. Touch and light pen option

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft’s morph into educational sector was something predictable because in the school IT supply market Microsoft is hard to be seen. The rationale of this is quite clear that students do not opt for the premium amounted systems for their general needs. They do not think it is worth spending more money if they could get something with subtle quality in just few hundred dollars that Google Chromebook offers. So Microsoft just made an attempt to take on Chromebook by developing the Microsoft version of Chromebook, but it does not seem to be an easy job as Google Chromebook has overshadowed all the other brands in educational sectors for many years. Seemingly, Microsoft has miles to go to even keep its neck to neck with Chromebook in the educational sector.

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