Launch of Microsoft's Windows 10 in Sydney on July 29, 2015 in Sydney, Australia.

Remember, when the most significant tech giant Microsoft made the announcement of the Windows 10 Fall Creators update; one out of many interesting features was Timeline that the company demoed. It enables you to resume and find your latest activities as you shuffle between PCs and Android or iOS phones. In fact, it is an international task view; supported by Microsoft cloud offerings. Like a handful of other features; Timeline full ready in time for the Fall Creators update, however. Hence, it’s just today; when the Windows 10 Timeline feature is debuting in the all-new Windows 10 Insider preview build. It’s only for those lots of users; who remain in the Fast experimental ring, and also those who have opted for the Skip Ahead builds.

The fundamental idea here is to provide you with a simple to use overview of all your current activities; be it a document you were working on in Word or a site you were viewing at in Edge (perhaps also on an Android phone); then make you pick up when you fall back to your desktop in the workplace or your laptop. Windows 10 Timeline feature will highlight those documents that you’ll likely need to work on. But, it also will give you with a complete list of your new activities, made by an hour. Cortana, moreover, can suggest you of events that it assumes you’ll probably need to continue as you shift between devices.

If the latest updates are already installed in your system; the new Windows 10 Timeline feature will sit behind the new Task View icon in the taskbar, or you can access it by pressing the Windows key plus tab.

It’s worth noting that app developers do have to support this feature in their apps explicitly. Right now, this implies only browsing in Microsoft Edge and documents from Microsoft Office, as well as activities in Windows 10 apps like Maps, News, Money, Sports, and Weather, are supported.

Besides various updates to the Edge browser, one more new feature that truly looks quite beneficial is Sets (which Microsoft first announced last month, though only a group of Insider users will get this with this release). The purpose here, Microsoft says, is to allow you assemble documents, other files, and applications that refer to a given task and make those accessible to you with a single snap.

Maybe a sounder way to reminisce this is as universal tabs; that enable you to group applications like Word, OneNote, and your browser into a particular window; that lets you switch between activities just like you would between browser tabs.

As usual, you can find a full list of all the changes in this release with Windows 10 Timeline feature (and there are a lot of them) here.

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