Here is all out from Microsoft about its Project Scorpio at its E3 event today. The company came through its promise and detailed every necessary information about this apparently boring black box gaming console Xbox One X. Though behind this black box there is the most powerful functionality peeping out. However, the rumors about Microsoft Xbox 10 was up in the air from a very long time, and it is one of the most highly anticipated gaming consoles of Microsoft by far. Here we are going to compare the key features and the hardware of this biggest bump in gaming console by Microsoft with its elder sibling Xbox One S Console, the cheaper one.

Taking A Look At the Specs Of Microsoft Xbox One X:

Let us go through the specs of this smallest gaming console and know that why Microsoft wants the gamers to switch to this Xbox One X when it is not going to play any new game.

  • Apparently, the body looks same like One S that was unveiled last summer by the company. But Microsoft claims One X to be the smallest console of its type.
  • Custom GPU engine works at 1172 MHz, capable of producing six teraflops of graphical powers.
  • 326 Gbps memory bandwidth
  • Eight custom x86 cores 2.3GHz CPU.
  • DDR5 RAM is 12GB which will run at  6.8GHz. ( 9GB is for developers)
  • One terabyte hard drive.
  • 4K UHD Blu-ray optical drive.
  • Premium Dolby Atmos Sound.
  • 8+ million pixels, HDR, and 4K resolution.
  • Full-color gamut
  • 7 billion transistors in its chip.
  • The release date is Nov 7.
  • Price is $499.

4K Resolution Depends On Developer’s Choice:

So, you think all your games will run in 4K resolution, let me stop you here. As per Microsoft’s statement, the company has given a free hand to the developers whether or not to make the games run in 4K resolution. But if any developer wants, Microsoft Xbox One X fully supports 4K resolution games.

Faster Gaming Experience:

Inevitably, Xbox One X will have faster gaming experience compared to that of Xbox One S with its 31 percent faster CPU and hard drive; the console will take your gaming experience to the next level of VR gaming.  As 9GB memory is given to developers, previously it was 5 GB; the company says that the extra 4 GB will be consumed as cache in a bid to load program faster.

In all fairness, these are the alluring features and upgradations that will make you switch you to the newest Microsoft Xbox One X with its 4.5 times more power than that of previous one and will offer you faster and much higher fidelity gaming experience.

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