We can’t imagine Apple’s first-generation product launch with no hiccups — none of us can forget Antennagate and Bendgate? And this all new and most premium flagship phone of Apple; iPhone X is no different. A few bunch of users have reported; that an inextinguishable and mysterious green line has emerged on the display of their devices. However, we haven’t heard anything else other than these mysterious line on iPhone X display so far.

The above images, from Twitter users mix0mat0sis, Nate Heagy and Christian Roman about mysterious line on iPhone X display, show a few of the cases of the “green line of death” as the latter named it. No one seems to have known its cause or how widespread it actually is. We have reached out Apple for its comment.

We can at least think on one part of that. iPhone Xs have a new diamond sub-pixel pattern in their screens, and as such all green sub-pixels look in lines; while red and blue substitute. You can notice that in this image taken as part of DisplayMate’s tests:

It seems plausible that an electrical lapse in some phones is making voltage to pass to all the green sub-pixels in a line. That it draws all the way from top to bottom infers it’s something at the corner of the screen that’s sending an inaccurate voltage down to some lines of pixels (if it were only a single line of sub-pixels, it would emerge much leaner). The line tends to be confined to the left or right side of the device, but that’s more difficult to diagnose.

This sort of issue always rises in lofty devices that use some new sets of tech at scale. The similar thing occurred with Samsung last year; however, the line wasn’t green but pink. Even if just 0.001 percent of the phone displays found to be faulty, a frequency that’s almost impracticable to test for, a handful of users will still end up with a derelict phone.

Moreover, one user has already reported; that its phone had been replaced at the Apple Store; hence, it looks less likely to be a software fiasco. Check your phone and ensure if it is free from these mysterious lines on iPhone X. If yes, then share it with us in the comment section below. Also, hit the nearest Apple Store for replacing it.


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