The students of the University of Michigan will see Navya driverless shuttle will start ferrying from this fall. The autonomous bus will cover the distance between Michigan’s North Campus Research Complex to Michigan University Lurie Engineering Center, having two miles route of Plymouth Road. This driverless shuttle is fully electric and has 15 passengers capacity that will move students, faculty, staff members within the two campuses. The vehicle, being the first ever driverless in Michigan, keeps circulating on the route after every ten minutes.

This Navya Driverless Shuttle has a battery of 33 kilowatt-hour battery that can survive for seven to eight hours. The average speed of this shuttle is 35 m.p.h. This project is the joined collaboration of Mcity and the University management. The University crunched a deal with a private company of driverless vehicle makers that makes and sells the vehicles safely in the market.

Specs Of Navya Driverless Shuttle:

  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Safety monitors
  • Emergency stop button
  • WiFi
  • LiDAR
  • autonomous technology.

The Navya driverless shuttle will get the navigation by a highly pro-tech international positioning system. This system works on the information from seventeen variant satellites and tends to function properly even in light snowfall or rain.

On Wednesday, the Mcity officials showed off the shuttle by giving the media person a ride in this fully equipped electrical autonomous shuttle. After all the passengers boarded, this driverless shuttle makes its way on the pre-decided route in average speed.

Moreover, these Navya driverless shuttles will have GPS, WiFi, LiDAR and camera equipped. So that the passengers will not miss anything in this futuristic shuttle service. The engineers will further test to see the operation of this shuttle. And also the reaction of the passengers sitting on the bus. Moreover, the road sensor and how the other vehicle drivers will react to this autonomous shuttle will also be observed. Initially, they will electrify the University routes during the working hours. Later on, expands the route and timings if everything goes smooth.

Not So Thrilling Ride, Because It’s A Shuttle Service!

However, the ride may not excite you much if you are a thrill-seeking soul. Also, getting into the shuttle at first may feel unsettling because the front and back side of the bus looks same as there is no steering part. The curved glass windows make way for the sunlight to stream inside the shuttle. Once you settled, the ride will give you a slow but soothing experience.

There is an emergency button that is accessible to any passenger to stop the shuttle in case of any emergency. Further, the safety monitor will keep looking for the external dangers that may cause any unfortunate incident. As of now, this fleet of Navya driverless shuttle is meager to the Michigan. But the company will likely expand these driverless vehicles if this cuts the mustard in the University of Michigan.


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