iPhone 8 leaks have become so prevalent that even Apple has started officially backing the rumors. Now, here are new Apple iPhone leaks about the screen, design and the infrared Face ID. The rumor that we got to hear earlier about the bezel-less display concept to come on the Apple iPhone 8 is now confirmed to be the reality. An icon within the code for the new HomePod speaker firmware has been found by iOS app developers Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo.

On the other hand, just like the last year, we are expecting the iPhone will hit the market in two models; like iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus. Steve Troughton confirmed from its tweet that one of the models would surely have Face unlock ID. And of these two high-end model that named iPhone Pro in the tweet will get a flat bezel-less screen. It may also be called iPhone 8 or iPhone X. What so ever it will be, it is likely to have the camera bump and the speakers on the top.

New Apple iPhone 8 Leaks To be Confirmed:

Moreover, Troughton and his lads’ developers have been busy in examining the code that is inside the Apple HomePod. This somehow contains a lot of codebase about iPhones wrapped in it. The company had inadvertently pushed out the firmware for the HomePod yesterday. This was a pretty much good chance for a handful of developers to get their hands on it. From those codes, we might learn about the LED to cover the upcoming iPhone anniversary handset.

There are so many lines of codes for BKFaceDetect” here, and with BK it probably means Biometric Kit. We know it how much Apple likes using the term kit for Apple’s developers’ tool. This has driven our attentions to the new Apple iPhone 8 leaks that have been somehow confirmed by the company itself. Furthermore, it has also referred to an infrared camera that will be utilized in a bid to detect your face identity; even if you are in the dark. However, it had already been divulged by Bloomberg, that Apple is likely to use the infrared camera for 3D face scanning earlier this month. But it is still not clear whether or not all the upcoming iPhones would use the same tech.

Image On the HomePod:

Seemingly, the code contains the following image:

However, it comes as no surprise because we have already seen this similar picture. But at that time it came to us as the photos of the paper insert; showing the procedure of removing SIM card tray. So it could be easily faked. But now this time, the image seems to appear right in the HomePod code. That is enough to give it a real touch.


Presumably, what we can perceive from this image is a screen which certainly goes somewhat edge-to-edge. And it seems to be extending from the top around the sensors and the speakers that are placed on top of the handset. More new Apple iPhone 8 leaks are expected to come as the time of its launch is getting close. So, stay connected to us for more leaks and news about iPhone 8.

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