The official release of the most awaited iteration of iPhone is just around the corner. But it is hard for the fanatics to wait until September. However, there has been a flurry of rumors that have struck the airwaves over the past couple of months. Still, the leaks have not been stopped from exciting us. Following that, recently a new iPhone leak divulges some solid information about the wireless charging and Face ID on the sizzlingly anticipated iPhone 8.

Where this New iPhone 8 Leak Is Spotted?

This time, the X-ray shots of the handset which was first spotted by a Chinese social media network Weibo; is now reported by a renowned Apple tipster Benjamin Geskin. Two iPhone templates are shown there; one with a TFT-LCD screen (probably the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus) and one with an OLED display (probably the iPhone 8). Apart from the screen difference, the other image of X-ray seems to have a bigger battery capacity.

Moreover, these templates also contain space for a charging coil that supports wireless charging. It is the rumor that has come to us many times before and it has recently backed by the images released by 9to5Mac.

However, at this time it will be too early to confirm the authenticity of these pictures. But, they seem quite similar to what we have been hearing from quite a long about this year’s iPhone anniversary handset. This new iPhone 8 leak has just added more excitement to the already blown-up news and tips coming to our ways.

This Is the Perfect Time For Apple:

Arguably, in my opinion, it is the perfect time for Apple to introduce wireless charging in its most awaited phone set of this year which is probably to be named as iPhone 8. Also, this wireless charging tech has already been adopted by many Android handsets; so it will not be any innovative step for the company to add in.

Face ID Arrival:

Besides, one more feature is rumored around the airwaves; and that is the next iPhone iteration, probably the tenth-anniversary edition would have face recognition capabilities. Previously, we have been getting Touch ID to recognize the identity of a user. This time, the chances are; Apple will integrate Face ID on the upcoming iPhone 8. And this new iPhone 8 leak has further backed this rumor. Moreover, the same rumor had somewhat confirmed by the company indirectly when it showed off the firmware of HomePod smart speaker last month.

What’s the Bottom-Line:

Seemingly, there is not much information about iPhone 8 that is left under the cover. Almost every feature is out on the airwaves, and the fans are already going crazy about it. But, still, these all remain rumors until the official showcase of the exclusive tenth-anniversary edition iPhone 8.

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