Going deep down into the past of the famous camera company Leica, it had been staunchly traditional and used to have great pride in its heritage and legacy. But, to survive in the era of modernization, the company evolved, and it modernized its camera over the past years. But none other Leica TL range could embody this modernization entirely. It has an aluminum uni body, sleek lines, wireless connectivity and a 3.7-inch touchscreen that will probably remind you smartphone screens. Actually, these lot of camera were made by compressing the complexities of a high-end camera into the same smartphone interface. Three years ago, the first set of this range made an entry in the market. But it seemed not more than an ancient camera with old innards wrapped in a fancy shell. Since then we did not hear any new product update in this TL series, but today the company broke the silence and unveiled new Leica TL2.

Leica TL2- Much More Improved In functionality:

No doubt about it, Leica has always lured us with its every other new artisan camera and the announcement we heard today is no exception. The size of T-series camera is usually enough for a casual point-and-shoot, but this sizzlingly new Leica TL2 offers you new 24-megapixel APS-C sensor. That will make the shooting experience worthwhile with interchangeable lenses, ranging from 17mm to 200mm in focal length.

Moreover, it is a mirrorless system camera with the battery of native T-type lenses available; and adaptors for hinging on other company’s system lenses. Also, it allows you to use an optional hot shoe mount to attach an electronic viewfinder or a flash. And if you do not, you can see all the photos you take, via 3.7-inch LCD screen. However, the company is not quite famous for its video expertise; but this time, Leica TL2 is capable of supporting 4K recordings up to 30fps, 120fps slow motion capture, 60fps full HD and 720p HD.

Here’s the Deal:

Furthermore, its ISO ranges from 50-50,000; while the maximum ISO of TL1 is 2,500. That means it will not show you everything in the dark; but notwithstanding, will not be hesitant to whip out the Leica TL2 past golden time. Like all the other advanced cameras, this TL2 can also be operated remotely using a smartphone app. And it also allows you to import and export pictures to social media accounts. It will start selling from today and will be available at Leica boutique and retailers spot; for $1,950 only for the body, and you can buy them in black or silver color scheme.


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