The most sought after the annual gathering; CES, which is programmed to kick off next week; has no women participants in CES keynote concourses and no code of conduct that might limit occurrences of sexual harassment; according to reports.

There’s No Women Participants In CES Keynotes

According to Reuters, there will be a big lot of female models; also referred as ‘booth babes’ impersonating the latest showing off new consumer electronic goods; from TVs to self-driving automobiles technology.

Liliana Aide Monge, chief executive of California coding school Sabio, said, “The fact that this large global gathering of tech leaders is totally ignoring this issue makes them completely tone deaf and irresponsible.” She will be skipping CES for the second year in a row because of the lack of women and minority speakers. Karen Chupka, who oversees the event as senior vice president at CTA, took to a blog post last month. It read, “To keynote at CES, the speaker must head (president/CEO level) a large entity who has name recognition in the industry. As upsetting as it is, there is a limited pool when it comes to women in these positions. We feel your pain. It bothers us, too. The tech industry and every industry must do better.”

CES made a collective push to change its entire speaker entrants but conclusively failed to find a high-ranking feminine executive for an exclusive keynote address. Thus, There are no women participants in the CES.

Moreover, the CES has also been ineffective in forming a code of conduct and ratifying guidelines on using inclusive language in performances to requirements that attendees wear name badges at all events, even after hours, to dissuade misconduct.

The report also asserts that the women subjected to awkward situations at CES conferences in the past told Reuters that they did not report those incidents because they were too used to it or did not recognize there was a way out to get rid of it. Let us know how do you feel about no women participants in CES.


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