Something so essential to our well-being indeed shouldn’t be so hard; but getting a sound night’s sleep often baffles even the most competent of us. Here to benefit is Nokia; which launched the Nokia Sleep mattress pad at CES 2018 in Las Vegas this week.

Nokia Sleep Mattress Pad

This exceptional, Wi-Fi-enabled pad lies under your mattress; not only remits personalized sleep report but also grants the capability to control your smart home via IFTTT integration. Nokia’s Health Mate app is also now congenial with Alexa; which suggests you can order your personal virtual assistant to render you with insights on your movement, sleep, and other health metrics.

Nokia Sleep renders customers with crucial many data points associated with your sleep practices and environment. The sensor claims sleep cycle analysis; which covers information about your sleep span; interruptions, snoring, and light, deep, and rapid-eye-movement phases. Nokia Sleep also gives an individualized Sleep Score to quantify better how restful your sleep really was; and probably, help you enhance your sleep based on each night’s experience.

If there are some elements in your surroundings that can be modified to make said reforms; Nokia Sleep can handle those via its IFTTT integration. The sleeping pad also works as a switch that can automatically control lights, radios, thermostats, and more to personalize and optimize your sleeping atmosphere.

“Our vision is to help make the world a healthier place, and quality of sleep is as critical a component of a healthy lifestyle as regular exercise and a balanced diet,” said Rob Le Bras-Brown, head of Nokia’s digital health business. “Nokia Sleep gives users insight into what happens when their eyes are closed, along with the ability to change the environment for more restorative sleep with the IFTTT home automation capabilities.”

The Nokia Sleep mattress pad will be available in the first quarter of 2018 for only under $100, and you can buy it from the Nokia website or Amazon. The Nokia Health Mate app Alexa Skill will be available in Beta beginning January 8, 2018.

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