In a previous couple of weeks, OnePlus has started giving out none-too-subtle clues about the hallmark set of its next flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 5T. Now, just before of its official showcase in Manhattan, New York City later this month; OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has brought the cat out of the bag and revealed the OnePlus 5T price.

Responding to a fan question on Chinese microblogging site Weibo, Lau affirmed that CNY 4,000 ($603) would be “quite” spare change to bear the upcoming handset; OnePlus 5T price. This implies that we see a sub-$600 demanding the OnePlus 5T price.

What Lau’s reply doesn’t clarify, however, is how alike will OnePlus get to that $600 threshold. Up until now, all of the OnePlus 5T leaks news has centered on the device’s slimline, ‘bezel-less’ form factor. OnePlus itself has also directed the conversation towards the phone’s speculated camera enhancements and, just last week; the Chinese OEM’s decision to cling with the favorite headphone jack.

On the price aspect, however, it’s all been dubiously silent. What we do discern is that the company has gradually boosted the OnePlus 5T price of its flagship devices over the years; this could proceed with the OnePlus 5T.

While OnePlus had historically clung to a single flagship device each calendar year; that all modified with the OnePlus 3T back in 2016. Coming less than six months after its debut of the $399 OnePlus 3; the OnePlus 3T banged up the price to $439.

Another price hike followed with the OnePlus 5 earlier this year with users required to stump up $479 at the release. If it wasn’t apparent already, we’re far too away the times where OnePlus was ready to grant its first ‘flagship killer’ smartphone for only $299. OnePlus and the more extensive market has morphed dramatically since 2014, with Apple now bootlegging the boundaries of what a flagship smartphone values to beyond $1,000.
Notwithstanding, any more price raise from team OnePlus is plausible to pull objection from some corners. However, even if the base model OnePlus 5T nails the maximum OnePlus 5T price suggested by Lau; is $599 really an immense demand for an elite Android flagship in 2017? That would still put OnePlus’ latest below; or on par, with high-end offerings from Samsung, HTC, and LG, as well as the lately released Pixel 2 from Google.

We’ll find out in the coming weeks once OnePlus draws back the curtain on its new marquee smartphone. Until then let us know in the comment section below; whether or not a hypothetical $120 price hike would put you off the OnePlus 5T.


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