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According to a recent report on Google’s practice of taping location data of Android users. Google was proceeding to track users even after they had turned off location services. This is apparently a pretty significant intrusion of privacy, and many users were bothered with Google over this tracking. It has since conceded the error, apologized, and discontinued the practice.

But, do you know how those details spread out? Would it stun you to know that Oracle was behind all this? Let’s start right from the beginning.

Google and Oracle are involved in conflicts on various fronts: the courtroom, Washington D.C., and in the press. The two crucial technology corporations have been going back and forth for the more substantial part of a decade. The point stems from Oracle’s assertion that Google lifted Java code and utilized it to create Android.

The cloud computing titan prosecuted Google for $9 billion, and the two firms have been fighting in court for the last seven years. Google has been victorious in protecting itself for the most part, but another petition is about to start off. Part of Oracle’s attack is outside of the courtroom. Oracle has taken attacking positions from Google on legislation; even if the bill doesn’t hit it. It has also attempted to get regulators in both the U.S. and Europe to approve Google for anti-competitive practices, and it even bought billboards deriding the search giant.

Now, details are surfacing that points to Oracle being behind the article reporting Google’s location snooping last month. Quartz was the first to report that Google was tracking its users’ locations. Now, Recode is reporting that Quartz got some of its data from Oracle. According to Recode, Oracle is in the midst of a year-long “cloak-and-dagger; take-no-prisoners lobbying campaign” against Google. Its object is to ruin Google as much in the financial and political grounds as in the courtroom.

The report from Recode supports a tweet from Ashkan Soltani; ex-Chief Technologist for the Federal Trade Commission. According to Soltani; Oracle had been buying the story for more than five months. Since that tweet, he has not expanded on his statement or responded to requests for comment when contacted by The Register.




Glueck did not address Quartz’s story undeviatingly, but he did notice that Oracle has, “substantial technical expertise on Android because Google stole Android from us.” Google did not reply to a request for comment from Recode.

Google has been at war with other tech titans over the years. The most well-known of the group may be Microsoft, who it made peace with last year. But, the conflict with Oracle doesn’t look like it’ll be over anytime soon. Not only are the firms still going through the appeals process, but it doesn’t sound like Oracle is ready to let go of issues with Google either.


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