Otto showed off the world its digital lock back in August. Four months later, Otto suspends operations of Smart Lock. Hardware is arduous. It’s a cliche for a purpose.

The company came to a decision just before the holidays; the fact that CEO and founder Sam Jadallah lately made public with a Medium long post now pinned to the top of the startup’s website about Otto suspends operations of Smart Lock. The comprehensive survey of the Bay Area company’s brief life is in the short title, “So Close,” a dip to the spitting distance the startup got to actually taking a product to market.

In a talk over the weekend; Jadallah told us that the company’s lock got it as far as the production process; and is currently resting in a warehouse; incompetent to be sold by a hardware startup that is efficiently no longer working. How does a firm get so near to the finish line without being capable of taking that final move?

The official sets much of that out in his own explainer — a post he deems a sort of cautionary story for the volatility of the Valley. The long and short of it is that the company was about to be taken over by someone; with a lot more sources and expertise in taking a product to the market; only to have the kilim seemingly pulled out at the last moment.

“You’re not in charge of your own destiny; and the margin for error is a lot smaller,” Jadallah says. “Building a really exciting hardware product needs a ton of resources; and is probably best inside of a bigger company. Frankly, that’s part of the reason that excited me about the acquisition. I knew it would take us out of the cyclical venture capital market; and put us inside a company that knew how to make and ship products.”

The official wouldn’t mention the interested party during the talks; but Otto was almost surely made hopeful by the current acquisition of August Home by Assa Abloy; the world’s biggest lock maker. The big giants do not doubt that there’s lots of room to grow in the scope; and the connected home section shows no apparent indications of slowing.

Otto believed it had found the key, though the company’s product collected a fair amount of pushback at launch. Indeed, it followed in Nest’s footprints and brought a handful of former Apple staffers on board for the conception of what is; by all accounts one stylish looking door lock. But even in the era of the $1,000 iPhone; a $699 smart lock is a hard pill to swallow. If the smart lock is still seeking for its mainstream moment; was a flagship-phone-priced device really going to be the product to put it over the edge? this is the reason why Otto suspends operations of Smart Lock.

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