Fingerprint ID technology on mobile phones may already look old hat to many; but it seems that camera firms are now taking a close look at it for few of their own cameras; starting with Canon patent that we came across lately.

A New Canon Patent Reveals Fingerprint ID Design

A new Canon patent explicates a fingerprint sensor not only on the exterior of a camera body; but also on the side of the lens (marked 46 and 32, respectively; in the diagram below).


canon fingerprint scanner idea
With photographers’ expensive gear a beautiful scapegoat for thieves; Canon’s approach of locking up the devices with fingerprint ID could go anyway to deterring criminals from stealing the kit.

Award-winning sports photographer Tom Jenkins; for one, likes the sound of it; explaining the plan in a tweet as “very interesting” and recommending it “could put an end to the wave of thefts afflicting the industry right now.”

The ID system could also be established for different people; enabling the camera to be easily accorded among, like, family members.

More Than Just A Security Measure

Canon patent doesn’t, however; merely check at security. The document proposes that unlocking the camera could also immediately load up the photographer’s system presets for parts such as image quality; white balance, and ISO, or maybe options related to the film simulations and other features depending on what the camera gives.

It could be likely to create a custom configuration for each finger that can easily access the scanner; which viewing the Canon’s design apparently means four. It’d indeed be a fast and easy way to change between various setups; if you’re the sort of photographer that does that a lot during a shoot.

Potential downsides? On the matter of security, it might not run so well for, say, a news photographer who wants to be able to draw their camera from the bag at a moment’s note if something hits off without notice. Valuable seconds used unlocking the camera and lens (what if it doesn’t open first time because of on your sweaty finger?) could head to the photographer fumbling the all-important money shot. They’d presumably use the security feature more for when they’re away from their kit, unlocking it when they leave their home or office, so it’s ready to go.

It’s worth remarking that Canon’s concept exists only as a Canon patent at this moment, so may never really show up on any of its camera gear. But it does give some insight into the sort of technology that the Japanese camera manufacturer may be considering for future models.


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