The first iPhone with Face ID security hasn’t yet hit markets; and we have already started getting a bump of a rumor about how Apple will move forward its Facial recognition tech and where it may turn up. MacRumors and 9to5Mac report that the usually reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has published an epistle; prognosticating those iPad Pro models releasing next year will involve Apple’s Face ID tech and depth-sensing cameras.

That was all from the details at this moment. And as it is too early to predict this type of thing; this note by Kuo should be taken with a pinch of salt as of now. Notably, at this time when the first product having this technology is not even gone for sale yet. Naturally, Apple must be blind with the idea how its customer will respond to this Face ID tech.

Will the iPAD Pro Get A Redesign Or Just More Cameras?

If we assume it true, Apple will likely to go about integrating Face ID on iPad Pro models in two possible way; one is to build the camera into the upper bezel of iPad; just beside the spot where selfie camera sits. Or this could imply that an iPhone X like redesign of the iPad Pro models is in the pipeline. However, it looks something less likely to be the reality; as Apple already began slightly redesigning the iPad’s outlook with the 10.5-inch model came this year. And it will also be slow and costly to build a bezel-free tablet. Either way, it blows up a question of what will happen to the iconic Touch ID. Will it get substituted? Or will the company consider keeping two authentication options?

Kuo also looks to be foretelling that more iPhones could utilize Face ID in 2018. But his note was not as explicit on this. He earlier wrote that 2018 iPhones — the non-X models, that is — would get Face ID if the tech cut the mustard this year; and his note today reemphasizes that. But it’s not explicit if that’s based on new erudition or if he’s only parroting what he spoke last month.

What will be intriguing is that such a thing could promptly incorporate Face ID and Touch ID hardware; differentiating it from Apple’s iPhone X; which just supports Face ID tech. This is presumably obstinate for tablet users; that use the device while it is sitting on a flat surface and utilizing Face ID unlock would likely require a user to lean over the device in order to unlock it.

Importantly, we haven’t seen all that Apple has to show off with the TrueDepth Camera. Certain use cases really only make sense with a mobile device, especially in regards to user-generated content, but security measures for unlocking and Apple Pay could offer something new to the iPad Pro models.

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