No! Your favorite music app company is not dabbling to automaker field, but it is reportedly busy testing Spotify driving feature for a safe driving mode. There has been a flurry of posts on the Reddit, reporting that the company is testing this feature and it will probably roll out shortly. By now, a few lot of users have got this new safe driving mode feature that is to test its performance. You see, dangerous it is to get busy in looking for your favorite music album while driving; you may lose the control of your car, and due to distraction even you could risk many lives.

What Does Spotify Driving Feature Do?

To that end, Spotify is on the verge of rolling out Spotify driving feature to make the driving experience safe yet musical. According to some users, you can launch this feature by clicking on the Auto mode (car icon) on the extreme bottom left side of the Spotify song interface.

Here’s the Kicker:

This new feature will work on voice command and search musical albums or songs for you. And it shifts the standard controls to the over-sized buttons so that you can easily skip the tracks while keeping your focus on safe driving.

Singularly, whenever you first get your hands on this new Spotify driving feature, it will show you a tutorial on how to use it and how it is going to make your driving safer without compromising on your favorite track. After the demo, three buttons will pop on the screen; such as Skip Forward, Go Back, and the last would be of voice recognition. And if you scroll vertically you will get to see the options that will let you search through tabs like Recents and Featured. Moreover, if you choose to scroll horizontally, you will have options like playlists and albums.

Spotify’s Response:

Little do we know, it still in its testing phase and the company itself has not yet responded with any confirmation. When we reached Spotify in a bid to get confirmation about Spotify driving feature, one of the company’s representative responds,”We test new products all the time and have no news to share.”

What’s the Bottom Line?

Seemingly, it was intended to run this feature initially on employee’s device and accidentally went to public. So what’s the bottom line? The company usually does not talk about its upcoming features and keep the testing phase to its employees only. But, this does not deny the expected roll out of this feature. However, the company does not want to detail about it, but it did not deny either!


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