The newest report from South Korea claims; that the forthcoming Galaxy S9 won’t offer an in-display fingerprint scanner; instead, it’ll be housed on the rear of the device just like its forerunner.
The most significant question; that sprang out of this year’s design course was the position of the fingerprint reader: with all notable makers shifting towards enlarged screens and bezel-free bodies; there just isn’t scope for a fingerprint scanner to be on the front of the smartphone anymore.

Most mobile makers, including Samsung; have determined to relocate it to the rear (though Samsung’s strategy has disappointed many); while Apple has chosen to get rid of it altogether.

The difficulty with a fingerprint scanner being on the rear of the phone is; that it can be uncomfortable sometimes. But more importantly; you can not just unlock your device with a simple tap anymore; and use it without lifting it up from your kitchen counter. That’s the reason users have been; and still are expecting for in-screen fingerprint scanners in upcoming Samsung smartphone.

In-screen fingerprint scanners are not an insurmountable technology, but there are safety concerns with the variants that exist today. Also, for a company like Samsung, pull in rates, and capability to mass-produce matter significantly.

However, it would have been pleasing to see this technology to in the next iteration of Galaxy flagship; perversely, the newest rumor alleges; that Samsung will not be able to include it into the Samsung Galaxy S9 duo in time. The similar report says that the mobile maker giant will instead house the fingerprint scanner on the rear of the phone; just like the Samsung Galaxy S8. Though it’s not yet explicit if it will proceed to lie ineptly; and awkwardly directly beside the camera lens.

While the Galaxy S9 is set to enter mass production in December with its fingerprint scanner on the back; the Galaxy Note 9 will reportedly have a higher chance of featuring an in-screen fingerprint scanner.

According to the report mentioned above; Samsung is likely to work once again to “deploy the technology on the Galaxy Note 9; which will likely be launched in August next year.”

Does it really matter if the Galaxy S9 arrives with an in-screen fingerprint scanner or not? Do you think Samsung will improve the location of the fingerprint scanner on the S9? Let us know your views in the comment section below!


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