Samsung is so amped up about its two flagship TVs this year; it couldn’t hold them for CES 2018 to begin before unleashing them both at its First Look ceremony; held one day before the official press conference at the world’s most famous consumer electronics show. Genuinely dominating the stage was Samsung 146-inch MicroLED TV; and an 85-inch 8K version of a new and convalescent QLED TV.

If you missed it (and a lot of people did), Samsung launched a massive 34-foot cinema display a couple of months ago meant to substitute projectors and screens in commercial cinemas. At the core of this struggle was an innovative display technology now being named MicroLED. What we see with the 146-inch MicroLED TV proclaimed yesterday is a surprisingly early model of this tech leaking down.

What is MicroLED?

Like OLED, MicroLED produces its own light — it is an emissive display — so it isn’t directed to the snares of conventional LED televisions, which are literally just LCD TVs with LED backlights.

Is MicroLED better than OLED?

Is MicroLED a prompt OLED killer? No. During yesterday’s ceremony, it was apparent that the 146-inch 4K MicroLED elephant on display was an initial prototype. In fact, Samsung had flesh in place to make sure reporters and inquisitive cameras didn’t get too intimate. We could see why: Upon immediate inspection, we could certainly see individual panels sewed together to make a greater whole. At a horizon — which is how you should watch a 146-inch wall-eating brute — the single panels were almost hidden during bright scenes, but when the picture dimmed, they were apparent at a close distance.

Samsung 146-inch MicroLED Details

This concerns. Though Samsung states the TV’s modular view will be a boon for building custom-sized TVs for any viewing position, it explicates engineers have a bit of effort to do before the thought of delivering MicroLED to living rooms across the globe grows to a reality.

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Still, in harmony with Samsung’s theme for the evening, this is a TV technology that marks to the future and is a symbol that shrinking costs and screen sizes could make MicroLED a sedate OLED rival. We saw some beautiful imagery on display, with deep blacks, blazing brightness, intense detail, and near-perfect off-angle viewing. If Samsung can parlay this early-stage tech into readily available TVs on store shelves, it will continue to dominate the U.S. TV market.

All in all, Samsung 146-inch MicroLED is powerful coming out for Samsung TV in 2018. Make sure to follow all the other showcases coverage on our website!


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