Yesterday was the day when the South Korean tech giant, Samsung announced Odyssey; it is an inside-out trailed VR headset which will execute its operations on the Windows 10 platform.

Noticeably, It’s Samsung’s first headset that runs with a PC providing it power rather than a smartphone. And its first impacts show that the company did quite a stellar work.

My Hands On Samsung Odyssey:

Luckily, I had got several minutes to play around with the Samsung Odyssey today at Microsoft’s mixed reality event, and that time cleared me that this headset presents an experience that is pretty imperceptible from the prime rivals like Oculus and HTC on a similarly specced PC.

Price Comparison:

The VR headset is the most costly Windows 10 choice currently, at $499; whereas Acer’s headset is economical with its bundle selling for $399. It’s good that Microsoft has some various price levels, but it’s arduous to imagine the reasons to justify purchasing the lower-specced headsets; when Samsung’s options showcase far more than a $100 hike in quality.

Display Quality Wins Over All

The lead of the headset is unquestionably the display quality; which relinquishes the lower-quality LCD screens; that all the other recently announced headsets are adopting; in favor of AMOLED, which will enable us for a more conscious experience that should subdue discomfort. The Odyssey is also a plunge in resolution from the other headsets’ 1440×1440 each eye displays up to a broader 1440×1600 each eye plan.

However, nothing signifies much if you’re operating it on integrated graphics, which Microsoft provides as an option. But I haven’t seen to be the most engaging experience. If you have a device with seemly discrete graphics, you’re going to have a prominently smoother experience with Odyssey as compared to the other VR headsets from the various OEMs.

Build Quality:

While I’m still preferential to the build quality on the HTC and Oculus RiftVive over the Samsung Odyssey; the company has developed a headset that seems very extraordinary and proffers several severely needing features from what other OEMs have exhibited off.


Furthermore, the integrated AKG headphones, all prepped and set for 360-degree spatial sound; are pretty subtle, but the greatest aspect is that they’re simply there and are one scarcer thing you’ll get to play around with before jumping into an experience.

First Impression:

We’ve discussed at length about the configuration process and the characteristic of the motion-tracked controllers for Windows 10. But Samsung Odyssey headset really makes up for most of the gripes I had about the previous setups.

If you’are thinking to get your hands on a Windows 10 headset; and, to be fair, that’s still a big “if,” this is the one to get.

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