Following the debacle of Samsung Note 7, the mobile behemoth must have made all the significant attempts in order to make its hotly anticipated new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 something even beyond perfection. However, when the company freighted out its flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 to the local markets, the fanatics went crazy and got their hands on this much-anticipated smartphone. Apart from being a grand slam of this year as compared to the misfortune of last year, Samsung S8 smartphone could not be entirely bug-free. Soon after its shipment, there have been several buyers who are reporting the Samsung S8 bug of random restarting that has left behind the mysterious red tint on the phone issue and even the Bixby delay.

Many of these users of Samsung Galaxy S8 were found peaching on Reddit, Samsung’s forum and many other different online forums about the lately found bug in the smash-hit smartphone of Samsung. The complaints of the users surfaced that the users had faced five to six reboots during the first ten hours of unpacking their brand new Samsung Galaxy S8. Apart from this, some have complained of facing random restarts more than baker’s dozen during the past week. These complaints are citing towards the frequent reboots out of nowhere, that the users are unable to even unlock the device before it restarts again. This Samsung bug of random restarting continues to persist even after the factory restores setting and the hard reset done by the users.

Even few of the users lodged complaints of exchanging their handsets to the local retailers, but they got nothing, but an exchanged Samsung Galaxy S8 that lingers the random reboots. Some users who have reported Samsung S8 bug of random restarting, they also added the aftermath of this bug that either resulted in apps shuffling or microSD card error that has made the matter even worse. The following video shows four serial restarts in just three minutes, occurring so rapidly that the user finds it impossible to even unlock the device.

One of the user’s personal experience about Samsung Galaxy S8 bug of random restarting cited as:  

“I have had it for about 10 hours now, and it has already restarted seven times while I was using it. It happens when I’m using an app like the camera or Samsung Themes, and it doesn’t matter if the phone is charging or not. All of a sudden the app freezes, the screen shuts off, and a few seconds later it restarts. Is anyone having the same problem or know of any solutions? If not, I will be going back to Sprint tomorrow.”

Though Samsung is nowhere to be seen addressing this impending issue as of now.


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