Not quite long back when we heard the news of Apple’s approval of testing self-driving car in California. Seemingly, Samsung does not want to be overshadowed by Apple in any field, be it flagship smartphones or self-driving car software, Samsung is striving hard to keep its neck to neck with the tech and mobile giant Apple Inc. In such attempt, Samsung was reportedly busy working on Samsung self-driving cars and wants to allure the self-driving car with Samsung powered sensors and its command on artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithm.

The recent development in this news that hit the airwaves is that Samsung has got approval from its home country, South Korea to begin testing Samsung self-driving car on the roads. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation of South Korea sanctioned the permission to bring Samsung self-driving cars to electrify the roads of South Korea for testing. According to what The Korea Herald reports, the autonomous would be a co-creation of Hyundai and Samsung, the hardware and body will be of Hyundai, and remote driving software, sensors, camera equipment will be powered by Samsung vast expertise in this regard.

However, it must not be a matter of surprise because Samsung has divulged its plan to plunge into autonomous car field and cleared that it will emphasize on software components rather than developing the full-fledged car all by itself. But the details of Samsung Self-Driving Car remains scarce.

Unlike Apple, Samsung does not seem to be hiding its passion for autonomous car technology. The company set up a venture unit specially dedicated to working on driverless car technology back in 2015 and got its hand on US Firm Harman in an exchange of $8 billion for a company whose expertise falls into the category of software makers for connected cars. Moreover, in February 2017, the company subsidized in TetraVue for the development of 3D technology to indicate the Samsung Self-driving Car about the inclement weather condition and other dangerous obstacles on its way.

Notably, a hand full of tech giants and automaker titans of Silicon Valley, are seen busy working on the technology of autonomous car. It will be interesting to see whether or not could these two mobile behemoths Samsung and Apple be able to keep neck to neck with the autonomous tech-hunk Google and Uber. However, Samsung and Apple’s almighty dollars could potential be a reason to have an edge in near future when the Samsung Self-driving car and other driverless cars get into effects to electrify the roads in real time.


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